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Thursday, July 21, 2011

First Triathlon!

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A few weeks ago I did my first triathlon. I figured I can swim and ride my bike pretty well, and I can tolerate running, so why not try to do all three at once?? Turns out it’s pretty hard. I think I did pretty well for my first one, though, despite having nearly-flat tires on my bike (whoops) and my legs cramping up after the ride causing me to lose 4 minutes on my last transition leading to a snail’s pace on the run (10:39/mile). I still managed to eek out a time of 01:36:17, only slightly slower than the average male triathlete time of 01:31:00. The next triathlon is July 31st. My goal is to be better than average and I’d love to finish below 01:30:00.

Here’s a video of the last one. I should have some pictures soon!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Austin Winter Wonderland!

So… apparently it snows here. We got the day off of work and all the schools were closed because of it! I guess when you get snow yearly or bi-yearly you really want to take advantage of it! 1 day later it was all melted and hot. Go figure!

And Forest hit me with a snowball while I was in the trunk of the car looking for something. It went all in the trunk, but I couldn’t get very mad about it because hey, it’s snow. Fun!

Austin Winter Wonderland 002.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 003.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 005.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 006.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 007.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 008.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 009.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 011.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 013.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 014.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 016.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 018.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 019.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 020.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 027.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 028.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 029.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 031.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 033.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 034.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 036.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 037.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 041.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 042.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 048.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 054.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 055.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 056.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 063.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 071.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 079.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 087.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 090.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 093.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 094.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 095.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 098.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 099.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 102.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 107.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 108.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 109.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 111.jpg Austin Winter Wonderland 113.jpg
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I’m baaaaaaaack…!

There’s nothing to write about when I’m home. I don’t mean nothing happens; in fact, a lot happens, but by the time I’ve shared my experiences with close family and friends I quite frankly lose the motivation to write about them. I mean no offense, Internet! I’m just not very good at keeping you well-informed.

Now, almost two full years since my last post, I’m back in the blogosphere because I’m no longer home. I’m (we’re) moving to Austin, getting married, starting a new job, and having a lot of fun along the way! So stay tuned for updates, which I flatly guarantee will come with no predictable frequency whatsoever. While you’re waiting, catch up on some of the last two years of my life in pictures.

Winter Break in California-148

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Sundays are Fundays!

Sundays are Fundays

Sunday was a blast. Simran donated the use of his family’s farm in Chattarpur for a relaxing picnic in uncharacteristically pleasant Delhi weather. Good friends, decent food (still need to practice that one), lotsa drink and great fun! Check out the pics in the album above.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Delhi is a great city, but when you first arrive here it can be a bit frustrating to find all the things you need to make yourself comfortable. Usually you can ask around, but sometimes it takes a lot of searching to really find what you are looking for.

Here are some hard-to-find things that have made my life normal in Delhi:

A Real Musical Instrument Store – Onstage is a company that has several branches in Defence Colony and Noida Sector 18. After searching dusty back alley shops in vain for quality music equipment, the amazement and relief that swept over me when I entered OnStage for the first time was indescribable! Quality instruments (albeit at inflated Indian prices), good service, and good prices on everything else.

Tex-Mex that isn’t Indian - For my first 2 years in Delhi I craved a good burrito with tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole and an authentic margarita to wash it all down. Frankly, this didn’t exist. Until Sancho’s came along! Located in South Extension Part II, Sancho’s menu doesn’t have a single Indian item on it. It’s a favorite local hangout for Americans like myself, and compared to other restaurants in Delhi, it isn’t excessively overpriced and has a great bar.

Some people might advise you to try Amigo, a new “Mexican” restaurant next to Smokehouse Grill in GK-II. Those quotation marks are around Mexican for a reason. Everything aside from their guacamole is overpriced and under-satisfying. The dishes I tried tasted like they were prepared by a chef failing miserably to appease two different palettes, one of which he obviously doesn’t understand at all. I’ll let you guess which.

Real Beef – Most Indians will tell you that you can’t get real cow meat in India. That’s not actually true. There are a few high-quality ways to get beefy: restaurant-prepared food or delivered directly to your door ready-to-cook.

The best-prepared steak I have had in Delhi is in the middle of the pack when it comes to price (about 700 INR after the ridiculous 22.5% VAT and 10% service charge all the restaurants attach to their bills). Just head over to Smokehouse Grill in GK-II and order the Tenderloin Fillet. It comes with potato wedges, asparagus, and some great sauce on the side.

The real secret, however, is “The Meat Man”. This guy is akin to the alcohol smugglers during prohibition. While not technically illegal, he understandably wants to keep things on the down-low. Althought I haven’t had time to try him personally, he supplied some amazingly tasty beef to Sancho’s last year. If you’d like his contact information, send me a message! What do you get? Commercial-quality fresh beef of any shape or form (ribeye, fillet, sirloin, ground beef, etc) delivered on ice from Calcutta to your door for about 300 INR per kg. So I hear. Minimum order is 500 INR.

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