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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A world of a difference

Last night we went out to a lounge in the Centrestage Mall in Sector 18. There is a club upstairs that is really hopping on Saturday nights. The line was too long to wait in, but the price was astronomical – rs. 1,500 to get in. That’s about $33 USD! It was amazing to see the people lining up for this thing – it looked like any night in San Diego or L.A. I was used to seeing saris or jeans on women and didn’t think people got dressed up like they did last night! I was sure I had seen none of these people out on the streets at all.

We had a great time in the lounge drinking and ordering great food. We even hit the hooka, though Waylon was definately the poster-child for white boyz in India.

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