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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day of Rest

Today is Sunday, so I took the opportunity to seperate myself almost entirely from work and the office (I say almost, because I *do* have to get some small amount of work done for tomorrow so everyone can hit the ground running, so-to-speak).

We started the day off around 11am by feeding the neighborhood. This costs us rs. 500 (about $11). There were a lot more people today since the weather was very nice. We actually ran out of food very quickly!
After the feeding I threw some laundry in the machine and read some more of my current book, Transmission. It’s about an Indian programmer who comes to the U.S. on a “slave visa” meaning they pay him much less than his real worth. I finished the book later in the day and was left with a bland impression. I found that at the end, I didn’t really care about any of the characters or what happened to them. In fact, one of the main characters even died in the Epilogue. So weird. I wouldn’t recommend it.

Anyway, after about an hour of reading, it was off to Subway for one of our bi-daily visits. Subway is in Sector 18 so we quickly got there and back. I got a foot-long tuna sub with all the veggies. I don’t get all the veggies in the U.S., but Subway is the only place I feel the vegetables are safe enough to eat.

Our friendly neighborhood Subway. I bet Jared didn’t eat at this one.Looks just like any other Subway.Our usual guys, working their 12-hour shifts!I’m a one-man marketing campaign.Albert and Lara love Subway as much as any of us.

I ate half of my sub and saved the rest for dinner. As we walked back out to Mahindar’s car I though it might be nice to make a video of the drive back to the house! Here it is, enjoy: Driving Home

Mahindar Andretti

Centrestage Mall and the side of the Radisson

When we arrived back home I took my laundry load out and went up to the roof to hang it out to dry. Unfortunately all of the lines were taken up with clothes, so I found some unused rope and claimed it for my own. I went back downstairs to my balcony and constructed 3 of my own clotheslines and laid my first load out to dry before starting another.

Boy Scout training in actionIndian washing machine

I finished my book and sat down to do a little work. The guys came back from the office and assumed laptop configuration around the dining room table: 4 seats, 4 people, 4 computers – all of us plugged in to one sketchy-looking powerbar.

Dining room (Waylon sleeping on the couch in the living room…)

So now I sit here typing this, sipping on a Mint Chocolate Bailey’s I just poured on the rocks. I picked up a few bottles in Singapore at the duty free store because it’s hard to find this stuff here. I use it sparingly – my first day off in quite some time is the perfect occasion.

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