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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Diwali Everybody!

Tomorrow is one of the biggest holidays of the year in India: Diwali. You can read about it here. The interesting thing is that it is celebrated by 3 different religions in India, for different reasons! Festivities-wise it is like a combination of Christmas and the Fourth of July. Lots of presents, fireworks, and family bonding. Pretty crazy! I’m going to go sit on the roof tomorrow night and see how many fireworks I can see.

We had a “pooja” for the new floor that we are on to commemorate its operational readiness and bless it. It was pretty interesting, what with the chanting by the Hindu priest guy and all. I got a red mark on my forehead that symbolises the “mind’s eye” or something. I also got a red string around my wrist to ward off evil. We’ll see if it works.

In other news, I miss my family and my girlfriend – and I still have 2 months to go until my own big Christmas holiday! :(

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Holy Crap I Haven’t Posted In Forever (and other stories…)

So a big SORRY to everyone for basically falling off the face of the internet. I reached a critical point where regular blogging just became too much work – and I’m really pretty lazy at heart. The newness of India wore off and we got settled into a daily routine that wasn’t all that exciting. A few times something interesting would happen and I’d say to myself, “Self, you should blog that!” But alas. Laziness triumphed.

So the first cool thing is that we have moved (finally) in to our own brand new office space. Here are some pics. And here is a video that shows not only our office and employees working in the dark during a power outage, but it also highlights how gay I sound. WTF??

Before I forget, we almost got in a fight a few nights ago. Our driver slightly clipped another car (it was SLIGHT, and this is India, so we didn’t think anything of it), which promptly pulled in front of us in the intersection blocking our path so all 4 Indian guys could get out and start punching the driver’s side window. We told our driver to drive but he was squealing like a little girl afraid of what would happen. We all really wished we had Mahender as our driver, because he woulda whooped some ass.

So our driver fled the scene as fast as he could, narrowly missing more opportunities to cause a wreck. We just wanted to go to Subway, but he was so jittery that he wanted to switch cars, and find some buddies to back him up. We all but forced him to go to Subway after waiting several minutes for his pals who only showed up as we were leaving. Both of them were no bigger than he is! We never saw the assailants again, but part of me hoped we would. :)

In other news, I have been playing guitar a lot with Chris lately. We’re trying to find good songs to jam too, but sometimes we just make stuff up. It feels good to play again – except for my fingers which are too tender after years of not playing. I’m glad I brought my guitar with me this trip.

I’m gonna go grab some veg lunch in the cafeteria. I actually like the stuff even though it looks like prison food. Until next time…

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