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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Diwali Everybody!

Tomorrow is one of the biggest holidays of the year in India: Diwali. You can read about it here. The interesting thing is that it is celebrated by 3 different religions in India, for different reasons! Festivities-wise it is like a combination of Christmas and the Fourth of July. Lots of presents, fireworks, and family bonding. Pretty crazy! I’m going to go sit on the roof tomorrow night and see how many fireworks I can see.

We had a “pooja” for the new floor that we are on to commemorate its operational readiness and bless it. It was pretty interesting, what with the chanting by the Hindu priest guy and all. I got a red mark on my forehead that symbolises the “mind’s eye” or something. I also got a red string around my wrist to ward off evil. We’ll see if it works.

In other news, I miss my family and my girlfriend – and I still have 2 months to go until my own big Christmas holiday! :(

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