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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Going away party

We had a little going-away bash last night at the Radisson. Half of the remaining team here in India is heading home for the holidays; Tony and Waylon left this morning at 8am. So now it’s just Albert and I, holding down the fort. Dhilip took some close-ups. Notice my scraggly half-beard from a weekend of “crunch mode” at the office.
That last image of Waylon is freaking hilarious. I think we’re going to make it into an ad for our company. He looks confused, angry, and fed-up all at once. Brilliant!

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

So-called "food"

Ok. The morning cafeteria food here at the office sucks. I don’t mean sucks like, “I’d really rather have something else, because this is bland.” I mean, it’s so bad – I have to wonder if somebody is doing it on purpose. You really have to try to create food this crappy. I can tolerate the lunch and the dinner (virtually identical), but I can’t take this breakfast any more. From this day forth, I will no longer subject myself to the torture.

I don’t think I could ever stay happy here. I love food so much, and this country is just completely opposite of my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE some Indian food – once in a while. I just can’t eat it on a daily basis. That also goes for “Indianized” ethnic food, i.e. “Mexican” (hahaha – show me one Mexican in this country), “Italian” (lamb meat-sauce instead of beef!!), and “American” (lamburgers). The “Sushi” takes the cake, though. How does a tuna roll sound? No really, I mean canned tuna rolled up in some rice. I’m not kidding! And this was a 5-star hotel, mind you. The Chinese is OK.

And another thing. What’s with all the carbs? Seriously. More than 80% of what they serve at the cafeteria is carbs. Bread this, potatoes that, and rice aplenty. It’s really hard not to get fat here. REALLY hard. I know, because it’s easy for me to get fat. And this kind of food makes me fat. Fast.

I also don’t like how the main goal when cooking meat is to make it taste completely unlike the meat it really is. In fact, half the time you can’t even tell the difference between chicken and lamb save for the texture of the meat. What’s the point? We were really relieved and amazed when we found a place that served a huge leg of lamb, dry (no curry), that tasted quite like a southern smoked piece of meat when consumed with good ole’ American style BBQ sauce.

Before you get all up in arms and tell me I can cook my own food and eat what I want, here’s why I can’t: I’m too busy (I spend about 15 minutes a day or less eating), and I suck at cooking. Usually I have to grab something on the “go” or just eat at the cafe. Cooking my food would be counter-productive, so I don’t even consider it as an option.

I can’t wait to eat some steak and some prime rib. And some good Mexican good. And some real Sushi. Only a few more weeks…

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