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Monday, January 29, 2007

TLA’s and FLA’s for India

Lately we have been using a lot of three- and four-letter acronyms to describe various things here in India. It’s hard to understand the real power and meaning behind what these acronyms represent without actually being here and experiencing day-to-day life. Nevertheless, I’m going to start using them in my blog so I’ll go ahead and define them here:

IST – Indian Stretchy Time. Basically, nothing happens on time in India. We might say something will go down in “30 minutes IST”, which means in reality we have absolutely no idea when it will actually be going down.

TII – We ripped this one from Blood Diamond. It means “this is India”. It’s often used out of frustration related to IST or some other domestic annoyance.

OII – “Only in India”. Similar to TII, but usually used out of amazement following the first observation of something crazy or unexpected that happens because we are in India. Such as this (Quicktime-only).

STFU – Not necessarily India-centric, but we have been using it a lot. Coined by The Captain, it means “Shut the f*ck up”.

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