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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Life Changes

A lot has happened in the past 7 weeks. Our lives have changed more than they have since we first arrived in India – thankfully for the better. Here’s a quick summary:

    We got cars. My more faithful readers might remember that we were, at one time, going to get motorcycles. Much to the relief of those who care for my life, we got cars instead. And I am driving. :)
    From India Changes
    We moved! Our new apartments are heads-and-shoulders above the house we used to live in. In fact, we are now living in the lap of luxury in a resort-like complex not far from our original house. I have a huge pool to swim laps in, gorgeous gardens to go jogging and lounging in, and things are SO CLEAN and FRESH! Truly amazing.
    From India Changes

    We have reached 20 billable artists at the studio. This makes my job both easier and harder at the same time. Yes, you could argue that makes it a wash.

So, driving is pretty crazy, but not as much as I thought it would be. It only took a day to get used to driving on the left. The real challenge is dealing with Indian traffic which, for some reason, ebbs and flows like violent river rapids. You never know if something or someone is going to bump in to you. So far – no accidents! I drive the guys to the office every morning and home every night. We still retain our driver to take care of car maintenance and drive people around during the day from the office.

I really should take some pictures of our new apartments. For India they really are amazing. I wish we found these when we first arrived here, because it would have made the transition much easier. I’ll try to get something up soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates – the amount of work I have lately leaves little time for recreation. I spend most of that time relaxing and enjoying not having to do anything. Stay tuned!

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