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Monday, May 28, 2007

An Oasis of American Suburbia

Today I was amazed to set foot inside a grocery store that looked and felt exactly like a miniature version of any supermarket grocery store you might find in the States. The aisles were neatly organized and spacious, with prices clearly displayed below the products on the shelves. They actually carried almost everything I wanted, and even had some hard-to-find products like Gatorade (very scarce lately). Everything was priced very well – in fact I believe this store is the low-price leader on Red Bull at 73.5 rupees per can! Oh and let’s not forget the crowning jewel on this majestic work of art: the produce section!

This is the kicker! Packaged salads, fresh fruit ready to eat, Washington Apples, globe grapes… I almost fainted at that last one. GRAPES IN INDIA. I have never seen them until this day. And they were CHEAP. Dole brand, imported from Chile… only $5 per kg (2.2 lbs). I bought the grapes and an apple and snacked healthy all afternoon!

Whether we owe all this to continuing globalization or just plain common-sense – I salute Reliance Fresh for being the best place to buy groceries in perhaps all of India. At least for me.

Though she spoke nary a word of English, the checkout girl was my hero for the day!

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