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Friday, June 22, 2007

Team Sushi!

From Team Sushi

Went out with some of the team last night to sushi. Yes, AGAIN. :) It was the first time for about 7 of them – very funny to watch. They really didn’t know what they were getting in to with a wasabi-eating competition. And one guy REALLY didn’t like the sushi rolls. In all, I think most of them thought the Japanese food was very bland, starting with the chai and miso soup. Oh well! It’s still my favorite.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"WTF??" Exactly.

We have been pulling a lot of all-nighters at the office lately. Even though it has made us quite delirious in some cases, it has really allowed us to bond like never before. It’s great to blast music from the training room while downing Red Bulls, frantically racing towards a deadline. Game development really is a lifestyle – not just a job. The office environment feels like it has improved a lot since we have been making a big culture push towards doing more gaming and hanging out more together as a team – both at the studio and outside. I hope it continues to grow along this path. Exigent should be the best place in India to work!

Oh and the whip… never a dull moment with it. :)

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

A relaxing post-crunch weekend…

From Lodhi Gardens

After working for 7 straight days and getting minimal sleep this past week, I really needed to unplug from teh intarwebs and just go to analog mode. On Saturday I slept in most of the morning and then finally got up and hit they gym and pool. Man I needed that! Naturally, we hit up sushi in the evening and then went to Lodi – The Garden Restaurant for dessert. We zig-zagged around Delhi for the rest of the night trying to take one of our friends home before we finally made it back to ATS at 1am.

Sunday I was really happy to get up and go to Church in Faridabad. There’s a good church there with a very western-style contemporary service. I know all the songs and they use all sorts of rock instruments (electric guitar and bass, drums, etc). The only problem with this place is that it’s 40 minutes away! Doh.

After church I picked up Albert and we hit up Lodi again for lunch. We tried several things from the menu including smoothies, wine/cheese, mushrooms, and even tenderloin “steak” (likely not cow). So far we aren’t really impressed with the food, but the decor is the nicest I have seen in India so far. This is because it’s attached to the Lodhi Gardens (right out the back door).

We decided to walk off our lunch in the gardens. Having never been there, we were blown away! The gardens seem to be a wildlife sanctuary of sorts, home to all sorts of birds and little critters. There are also an assortment of old tombs and temples that are really fun to hang out in and sprawling greenery and beautiful trees. I was really bummed that I didn’t bring my camera, but at least I had my camera phone (note: camera phones are != cameras).

Next we headed over to Vasant Vihar to grab some dessert at Chokola, which is a sort of bakery/coffee shop with really awesome food. We stopped by the SONY store to check out the latest game on PS3 (not impressed), and then swung by PVR Priya to buy tickets for the 6pm showing of Fantastic Four.

After a quick stop by the grocery store where I proceeded to buy 5 million Good Day muesli bars (OK, 32… but it seems like a lot more), we headed home to hit the gym and go for a jog.

Great weekend!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another small victory

Shower curtain = very yes!

Let’s just say that this isn’t exactly standard equipment in most Indian bathrooms. I didn’t even have a shower curtain rod! I had to request one. Finally, after several months, they have appeased me.

And yes, my geyser is as unstable as it looks. In fact, we recently had an incident where a friend was BRUTALLY ATTACKED by the geyser in the hallway bathroom. It literally lept off the wall kamikaze-style and crashed on to the toilet. Mine has already tried to kill me once: last week it sparked and popped violently when I switched it on. I have left it off since.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Case of the Whip Bandit


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