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Monday, July 16, 2007

It’s weird when people are TOO nice and not dumb…

This is a little OT (that’s “off-topic” for the acronym-challenged), but I just had the most bizarre phone call with customer service. I called up because I was charged for an Amazon Prime account that I’m never going to get to use. Amazon Prime costs a lot of money… $80. That’s like a whole week of meals in India. Hence, can’t use it – don’t want it.

So anyway, I call customer service and this lady answers right away and asks me how she can help me. I explain it to her once (1 time). She gets it. Bravo. Then she gives me a little story about how even the richest people in the world wouldn’t want to pay for something that they can’t use even if they wanted to. It was a real tear-jerker, quality entertainment. If that wasn’t enough, while she’s confirming my address, she asks a very “uhm… not professional question” but what am I doing out of the country? I told her and she switched to eddification mode, wherein she said she knows I’m a good person and good people will prosper at all they do. All I could say was “well thank you!” in a really cheerful voice. This lady was like my grandma… no clue about who I really am but just knows I’m good and successful because I’m her customer support caller.

She ended the conversation wishing me a “good… afternoon over there.” I had to congratulate her for being right (it was 1:45 PM). I mean, that’s attention-to-detail.

Right?? Weird.

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