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Monday, May 5, 2008

The Quiet Invasion by Corporate America (or, How I got my EASY button back)

Jesse is EASYWhen I arrived at the office today my Lead Technical Artist had a gift for me. I twisted my eyebrows up in suspicion when he pulled out a Staples bag. My first thought: “Where the heck did he get a Staples bag?” As I got over my initial shock I noticed the round, reddish, lumpy shape of something familiar inside. Yes, folks, an EASY button.

I thought he had ordered it online and gotten it shipped, maybe at I was way wrong. Turns out Staples is the latest U.S. commercial chain to quietly sneak within our reach here in Delhi. Many times I have been in a crowded Indian market looking in vain for quality office supplies and said, “If only there were a Staples…” Now my EASY button has a truer meaning than it ever did back home!

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