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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Shanghai – Day Five

Change-Face in action!

Tonight we went to an authentic Szechuan restaurant in west Shanghai. The food was spicy and tasty, though not my favorite so far (as if that is really a bad thing). Shanghai-134However, the highlight of the evening was the change-face performance! I just couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy does a dance to some traditional music and quickly changes his mask right before your eyes. I’m talking LIGHTING quick to the point where it is impossible to even catch it on camera. He does this in the middle of a crowd, less than a few feet from everyone, even while people are TOUCHING HIS FACE. It’s completely insane and I can’t figure out how he does it. As if that wasn’t enough, he also blew fire. I’m sure he scored at least three chicks tonight.

Shanghai-138 For some reason we were so pumped that when we left the restaurant we went into martial arts stances for our photo… because it makes complete sense. I will qualify this by saying it was the Asian guys’ idea to do the pose, not the white dude’s. I’m just saying.

Instead of getting dessert at the restaurant we walked a good ten minutes to McDonald’s for ice cream. From authentic Chinese to authentic American! The cones here are pretty much exactly like they are in the States, so no surprises there.

Shanghai-142On our dessert walk we passed some people doing video karaoke. In a park. At night. Proof to the right. I just can’t get over how nice the weather is here. In the afternoon I realized it’s aShanghai-144 lot like Southern California right now. Everything is perfect. We could have continued walking for awhile but one of the guys wanted to get home. We said goodbye to him and decided that we would go for a massage. A real massage! Not one in “quotes”.

My friend seems to be a bit of a massage connoisseur. He told a very funny story at dinner about a Korean massage gone awry, where the masseuse (on her first day) immediately set about igniting him with alcohol and fire (much to the dismay of her co-workers). He asked me what style of massage I wanted, and I didn’t really know except that I didn’t want the Korean one, so he opted for shiatsu. We ended the night with a very good, very long (2 hours) and very cheap ($20 USD) massage!

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