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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shanghai – Day One

After a week-long delay due to an expired visa, I finally arrived in Shanghai today. Boy did I arrive. Key accomplishments for the first day:

  1. Ate great Japanese beef noodles
  2. Drank Japanese beer
  3. Did not get run over by a rickshaw
  4. Drank boba milk tea
  5. Did not see a single cow
  6. Ate authentic Chinese cuisine
  7. Drank Chinese beer
  8. Smelled nothing bad or rotten outside
  9. Had a scandalous night on the town with the boys
  10. Scammed free pre-breakfast food from the buffet @ 4:30 am
  11. Did not feel like an alien from another planet at any point

Yep, Shanghai’s mo bettah than Delhi – that’s for sure. Check out the pics (click the photo above)!

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