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Monday, June 2, 2008

Shanghai – Day Three

Exigent Shanghai Panorama

Exigent Shanghai is better than sliced bread. Walking into our office, I was in awe at how “grown up” our company suddenly feels. From humble beginnings and a few tough years living in Delhi later, to… this. I had a grin on my face for the first hour I was at work.

Shanghai-108 The office is on the 3rd floor of the “most feng shui” building in a large software park. There is a cafe right at the center. As a mid-morning snack I had a tuna sandwich and banana milk. The price was about the same as I would expect to pay in India for food of this quality, only it tasted better than anything I have had in India.

I spent the day getting set up and configuring our network. We ordered a few more servers that will arrive tomorrow so I can complete the setup, and we scheduled meetings with various vendors and industry colleagues over the next few days. So far we only have 4 official employees (the rest are interns). By the time I leave, however, the production team here will be fully equipped to handle whatever workload we can throw at them. IF I leave…. muhahahaha!

Holiday Inn Downtown Shanghai - Greatwall WingWhen I returned to my hotel I was hungry, but nothing inside fit my fancy. I decided to take a stroll around and see what I could find. I got to practice some Mandarin, mostly “I don’t want”; “I don’t like”; and “No thank you”, as I was openly approached by prostitutes saying “Massage, sucky, fucky? Very beautiful.” They were like caricatures of themselves. I settled on KFC because they had a grilled chicken sandwhich. I asked “Ji rou ma?” (Is it chicken?), to which she responded “Dui” (Yes). I could have responded with “Wo xiang mai zhe” (I want to buy this), but I wasn’t that quick. I just sort of pointed and grunted and nodded. Next time!

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