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Monday, July 7, 2008

Holy guacamole, real Mexican food in Delhi!!!

Aqua July 6th-5

If there was one culinary staple still missing from my India experience before yesterday, it was authentic Mexican food. Some of you may recall our attempts at dealing with this deficiency on our own. That’s all good and well but, honestly, it’s a little tedious and time-consuming to make homemade Tex/Mex night a regular event. Enter Sancho’s, a great new Mexican restaurant at South-Ex II here in Delhi.

Aqua July 6th-4 My friends and I were simply blown away by how great this place is. There are no compromises, and not a single Indian item on the menu (to me this is a sign that a restaurant is the “real deal”). The chips, seven kinds of salsa, guacamole and margaritas were fantastic. I could easily go back 3 nights a week for that alone. The entrees we ordered were exactly what we hoped for, right down to the nice little details like shredded/pulled chicken in my burrito (the first time I have seen this in India). They even had churros for dessert! As if all this weren’t enough our bill was sent to the table in a sombrero. Unfortunately, the head chef (a Mexican-American from Texas named Jorge Romero) has Sundays off so we couldn’t thank him, kiss his feet, offer our first-born children, etc.

A friend of mine is the house DJ at Sancho’s on Fridays and Saturdays (not that I need more reason to go), so it looks like this will be a weekly indulgence for me. If you live in Delhi or are just traveling through, you owe it to yourself not to pass this place up, hombre!

Sanchos-2 Sanchos-1 Sanchos-4 Sanchos-3

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