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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

That was SO gay!!!

Sunday afforded me the opportunity to make history by taking part in the first ever Gay Pride Parade in India’s capital city. My friends and I heard about it through the national media coverage and decided to check it out, even though they only expected about 150 people to show up. India must be in denial, because there were almost a thousand people there.


The event was small enough that many of my friends made appearances in the media coverage, interviews and photos:

Some friends were also mentioned in this Yahoo Article

The cast of characters was interesting, including a Gay Dog, a Gay Baby, and quite a few men in dresses!

Gay_Pride-45 Gay_Pride-46 Gay_Pride-38

There are mixed reactions to the parade among Indians here and abroad. Interestingly, most of the negative comments I have read are from those living abroad. This supports what I have heard before; Indians outside of India are more conservative than those back home. There is a judicial review concerning the legality of a grandfather law banning same-sex relations in India going on right now, so it seems times are changing. I’m very interested to see how big this parade gets next year, but I can always say I was here for the first one!

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