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Monday, February 11, 2008

TII Moments

I haven’t been posting lately. Mostly this is because the crazy, sometimes frustrating, usually hilarious nature of day-to-day situations here in India has become – run of the mill. Yes, folks, I have become unimpressed by the ridiculousness of most occurences around me. Things I would have quickly raised my camera for in the past now barely cause me to raise an eyebrow.But alas, dear readers, where does that leave you all? I have realized it’s quite selfish of me to stop documenting things that are completely insane simply because I am part of the insanity. So to make it up to you, here are some tasty morsels from the past few weeks in India… genuine TII moments:

Morning rush hour in Noida.
Of course they were trying to get money out of us.
I bet this guy is better at dodging camels than we are.OMG! There are only a few roof seats left!

This happens all the time.

See? Same make, same model, same road. Same India.

The fat one balances out the two skinny ones!

When they’re not off killing Governors, the “black-faced monkeys” enjoy scaring away other monkeys.

Cows. Beach. Makes sense.

That’s it for now! But don’t worry – I have a snazzy new BlackBerry Curve so I’ll post a lot more images while I’m out-and-about. Stay tuned!

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