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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Soulmate @ Haze

Last night we hit up Haze Bar in Vasant Vihar to catch my favorite Indian blues band, Soulmate. Check out the pics!


Haze seems like a great place to hang and catch some live music. It’s located in Basant Lok Commercial Center (Priya Market) in Vasant Vihar. Just walk directly away from the movie theater (PVR Priya) and you’ll see it down about 200m on the right, above the street.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

It ain’t so bad after all…

From Delhi Nights 1

Ok. So I admit that ever since I have arrived in India I have been overly negative about this place. I never ventured too far beyond Noida and when I did I just got annoyed. But recently a friend of mine sharply criticized my overt attitude towards Delhi and said I was a “f*#$ing pessimist!” Well, that didn’t sit well with me. There’s nothing I hate worse than a pessimist (let alone being called one), so lately I have been making an effort to change my outlook on my life here. I have been finding some great places to hang out in Delhi and meeting some awesome people. It’s important to make time for fun, because I work too damn hard around here to stay sane otherwise. Even if I’m just tagging along… :)

So far this weekend we have been out to sushi twice and did a bit of bar-hopping in Delhi. Check out the pics!

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

A world of a difference

Last night we went out to a lounge in the Centrestage Mall in Sector 18. There is a club upstairs that is really hopping on Saturday nights. The line was too long to wait in, but the price was astronomical – rs. 1,500 to get in. That’s about $33 USD! It was amazing to see the people lining up for this thing – it looked like any night in San Diego or L.A. I was used to seeing saris or jeans on women and didn’t think people got dressed up like they did last night! I was sure I had seen none of these people out on the streets at all.

We had a great time in the lounge drinking and ordering great food. We even hit the hooka, though Waylon was definately the poster-child for white boyz in India.

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