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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Going away party

We had a little going-away bash last night at the Radisson. Half of the remaining team here in India is heading home for the holidays; Tony and Waylon left this morning at 8am. So now it’s just Albert and I, holding down the fort. Dhilip took some close-ups. Notice my scraggly half-beard from a weekend of “crunch mode” at the office.
That last image of Waylon is freaking hilarious. I think we’re going to make it into an ad for our company. He looks confused, angry, and fed-up all at once. Brilliant!

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Live (sorta) from India!

I started taking more video than pictures. For some reason it seems a bit less intrusive! Plus, it gives a better feel of how things are here.

It has been raining a lot lately. “Very monsoon” as our driver would say: Monsoon1.wmv | Monsoon2.wmv | Brick_Bridge.wmv

I also captured a bit of the office: Office.wmv

Last night we hit up the Radisson for dinner. It’s relatively expensive there so we limit the number of times we actually go – but it’s about the only place to get a steak or a burger! Just don’t buy the water. There is a ridiculous 850% markup on the “maximum retail price” of rs. 12. The guy told me it was because it was “5-star” to which I replied that I could get the exact same water on the street for 12 rupees. Then he tried to tell me it was because of the air conditioning. Right… Radisson.wmv

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