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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shanghai Redux

Shanghai Redux-7

Following our company grand opening celebration, the rest of the week was a blur of working by day and partying by night. Shanghai Redux-26Part of the reason for this was that my visit happened to coincide with ChinaJoy, a game industry trade show aimed at developers in China.  We met up with friends and colleagues for more than a few drinks, discovered some awesome new places to hang, and even tried the Chinese version of some American hangouts. Who would have thought that singing and dancing in a conga line at Hooters would ever happen, let alone be so much fun??

Achievements this trip:

  • Shanghai Redux-2Found awesome unlimited food and drink Japanese restaurant near our office:


Da4 Yu2 Tie3 Ban3 Shao1
4F, No.1288, Zhen Guang Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai

  • I_Love_ShanghaiChecked out MUSE, a popular night club in Shanghai. It was huge, packed, and pulsating with some great mashups mixed by a badass DJ. They make a mean mojito.
  • Battled my addiction to bubble tea. I’m down to one serving per day.
  • Met cool new friends!
  • Got even better deals on cheap knock-off merchandise than I did last time – from the same merchant!

Check out the pics!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Sushi, Iron Man, Parties, Sports, and lots of etcetera

Aqua-7 This past weekend was a lot of fun. We started off Friday night with sushi at Tamura. The summer months are running the temperature through the roof so the amount and type of fish freshly available is dwindling, but everything is still top notch. We had a great group of 9 people this time. It’s becoming quite the tradition!

After dinner 5 of us headed over to PVR Priya to catch the premiere of Iron Man. I loved it. The story and effects were great, as was the acting. Definitely not what I expected from a “comic book movie”.


On Saturday Albert and I went to aikido (more on that in an upcoming post), and then headed up to The Park to meet with Cait, Denise and Sahana who were poolside at Aqua. We got a huge “brontosaurus” burger as usual and then got a little carried away with the camera. We topped the night off with an awesome rooftop party in GK-I Enclave, where I met a lot of really great new people and saw some old friends.

On Sunday Albert and I got up early and drove home to enjoy some Noidation, the term coined by Cait and Denise used to describe partaking in the luxurious splendors of our apartment complex. We got some sun by the pool and tried to read, but it was so hot that the glue in my book binding was melting! We gave up around noon-thirty and headed back to GK-I to meet up with everyone at Le Cafe and actually do some work. I brought my laptop and settled in for a few hours (they have wifi but I prefer to just tether my BlackBerry to my laptop and use the GPRS).

Le Cafe is a badass contemporary hangout which serves some damn fine food (except the Turkey Club and the Hanoi Chicken – but I suppose no place can be perfect). In case you want to try it (and you should), it’s right in GK-I N block market on the very top floor corner above a 3-floor clothing store (some famous Indian designer). If you can’t find it, just ask. My favorites are the Pumpkin Ginger Soup with Bacon, Udon Noodle Salad with Chicken (add mushrooms and avocado), and a special order salad that I have no idea how to get unless Sahana is there. The Asian Sesame Chicken Salad is also scrum-diddly-umptious.

Shooting at SFSC-4 Amy and I planned to play tennis at Siri Fort Sports Complex but by the time we got there and played for only 15 or 20 minutes we were kicked off. Apparently you have to book the courts in advance, unless you want to play on a clay court. The clay courts were all filled and we don’t like them anyway, so we tried the shooting range. As lame as it seemed (air guns and all) we had a LOT of fun. We got a few bulls-eyes between the two of us!

Albert and I stopped by Le Cafe again on the way home. We couldn’t resist more of their great food. Unfortunately I got the Turkey Club – which I now know to be extremely lame. The Pumpkin Ginger Soup w/ Bacon more than made up for it.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Food, fun and movie nights!

Pics from the weekend and midweek, hanging out with the friends! I introduced a bunch of new people to sushi @ Tamura on Saturday, and they in turn showed me to a good time at a dive bar near Connaught Place. It had a hallway made entirely of mirrors. And was awesome. Tonight was my first trip to a new Expat Movie Night, which turned out to be particularly relaxing due to great weather and a nice breeze on the rooftop. We watched the controversial Indian movie “Fire“, which is about two lesbian lovers married to sub-par husbands who are brothers (making them sisters-in-law). It has no singing and dancing, plenty of on-screen kissing, and bare breasts in a sex scene, and was made around 1998. I’m not kidding! It’s got to be a conspiracy to bring down the Indian culture from within. Canada.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Team Sushi!

From Team Sushi

Went out with some of the team last night to sushi. Yes, AGAIN. :) It was the first time for about 7 of them – very funny to watch. They really didn’t know what they were getting in to with a wasabi-eating competition. And one guy REALLY didn’t like the sushi rolls. In all, I think most of them thought the Japanese food was very bland, starting with the chai and miso soup. Oh well! It’s still my favorite.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

A relaxing post-crunch weekend…

From Lodhi Gardens

After working for 7 straight days and getting minimal sleep this past week, I really needed to unplug from teh intarwebs and just go to analog mode. On Saturday I slept in most of the morning and then finally got up and hit they gym and pool. Man I needed that! Naturally, we hit up sushi in the evening and then went to Lodi – The Garden Restaurant for dessert. We zig-zagged around Delhi for the rest of the night trying to take one of our friends home before we finally made it back to ATS at 1am.

Sunday I was really happy to get up and go to Church in Faridabad. There’s a good church there with a very western-style contemporary service. I know all the songs and they use all sorts of rock instruments (electric guitar and bass, drums, etc). The only problem with this place is that it’s 40 minutes away! Doh.

After church I picked up Albert and we hit up Lodi again for lunch. We tried several things from the menu including smoothies, wine/cheese, mushrooms, and even tenderloin “steak” (likely not cow). So far we aren’t really impressed with the food, but the decor is the nicest I have seen in India so far. This is because it’s attached to the Lodhi Gardens (right out the back door).

We decided to walk off our lunch in the gardens. Having never been there, we were blown away! The gardens seem to be a wildlife sanctuary of sorts, home to all sorts of birds and little critters. There are also an assortment of old tombs and temples that are really fun to hang out in and sprawling greenery and beautiful trees. I was really bummed that I didn’t bring my camera, but at least I had my camera phone (note: camera phones are != cameras).

Next we headed over to Vasant Vihar to grab some dessert at Chokola, which is a sort of bakery/coffee shop with really awesome food. We stopped by the SONY store to check out the latest game on PS3 (not impressed), and then swung by PVR Priya to buy tickets for the 6pm showing of Fantastic Four.

After a quick stop by the grocery store where I proceeded to buy 5 million Good Day muesli bars (OK, 32… but it seems like a lot more), we headed home to hit the gym and go for a jog.

Great weekend!

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