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Monday, March 31, 2008

Noida Weekend O’ Fun

ATS waterfalls! On Saturday and Sunday we invited our friends over for a little Noida vacation, complete with pool, sun, tennis, Wii, YouTube surfing and awesome Index Night (Indian Mexican). Our homemade burritos and chips & salsa were spectacular, but much props go to D for concocting some kickass cranberry/OJ/lime margaritas that turned out much better than we expected.

In the afternoon on Sunday I grabbed my guitar and headed to Lodhi Gardens to enjoy the rest of the day, with new friends in tow!

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Singapore, Again

From Singapore Apr…

I’m on my way to Australia for business, and decided to stop in Singapore for the weekend to finally stay more than 8 hours and visit my friends! My flight left Delhi at 11:10 PM last night and it was only a short 5 or so hours to Singapore. I arrived at the butt-crack of dawn (7:00 AM) and had some time to kill before I moved into the city. I got a bit of work done and made some calls. Then I made my way out of immigration and down to the MRT station (subway).

Singapore is so American. I really feel that way. It’s like a really nice American town. It doesn’t really seem Asian to me if you don’t look too closely. The culture here is pretty diverse, which I guess is usually the case with a lot of wealthy, democratic nations – so maybe that has something to do with it.

I figured I wanted to save some money and meet with some other travelers so I decided I should go for a Hostel! It’s my first time staying in one, but so far it has been a fun experience. It’s really nice, and pretty centrally located. I admit sharing bunks and showers with complete strangers is a little… odd. But the great thing is you don’t stay strangers for long! I think these places attract a certain group of people that don’t mind striking up random conversations and sharing stories with each other. There is a great community aspect to this place with a common room, TV, movies, internet, etc. I have a nice wireless high speed connection, so I feel like I really have everything I need – all for $12 a night. Crazy!

Today I’m going to head to Sentosa (a popular island resort) and hit the beaches. Sure they’re man-made, but they are nice and I bet the water is great. I’m really looking forward to laying out, relaxing, and reading my book. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. Tonight I’m joining my friends at a party! Should be fun.

[EDIT: I can't believe I forgot to include the name and website of the hostel I stayed at, which is so great! It's called The InnCrowd and is located in Little India. Check their site out here.]

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